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When I created this blog, a little over two weeks ago, was in order to have a place for having gathered all the solutions I’m finding to my informatic doubts or problems that sometimes arise, so then I could consult them in the future (it’s not the same understanding something explained by others, as something written by and for yourself) and, incidentally, that it could also be useful to other persons who need it.

I started writing this blog in Spanish for many reasons. Among them, there can be highlighted three main ones. The first one, for love to my mother tongue. I know that in an increasingly globalized world, especially in the IT field, it is not the fashion, but I think that, in some moment and in a certain way, we all should do a little tribute and a defense of our culture, especially in these times; I decided to do it by writing a blog about informatics for Spanish people.
And this leads me to the second reason why I opted for this language. For many reasons, we Spanish people, in general, have not ever been high-skilled in English language. Before I was not it either (and I admit that nowadays I still commit gramatical errors when writing), but now I realize how incredibly limited I was when I had to search for any information through the Internet in the Spanish language. It didn’t really seduce me the fact of spending more time reading a dictionary than reading that stuff I really wanted to read. For that reason I decided that, with my blog, I could provide my little contribute to all those Spanish persons who are in the same situation I was before.
The third reason is that most of (good) documentation is written in English, not in Spanish, and this is another of the aspects I wanted to do my bit.

From now this blog will be written entirely in English. I have been thinking about the set out in the last paragraph and I have changed my mind. Regarding the first reason, although I maintain what I explained, I have to say that Internet is what it is thanks to its globality. This means that the core of the internet is people, and since the communication has been the most important humanity’s invention, I think that we have to keep on promoting it (by using a common language), making easier the WWW’s growth.
I don’t forget Spanish people. Precisely because of that I will write in English too. We need to be more competitive, and my feeling is that, at least in the linguistic field, we have been always a bit lazy. I find it great that we want to read stuff in our own language (I prefer it too), but never under the pretext that we are not capable to understand (well) any other language.

If the whole internet had been written in my language, that would have meant that the world, by extension, runs fine with just Spanish, and then I wouldn’t have needed to train myself in other languages, with the consequent self-impoverishment. Thus I’m thankful for the fact that, at least for most people’s perspective, Internet runs in a foreign language.

Regarding the documentation issue, I have noticed something. It’s true that there is more good documentation written in English rather than good documentation written in Spanish but, with time, this difference is being smaller thanks to all those persons who, voluntarily, work hard for achieving translations in their respective languages (thank you! :D). Nevertheless, as I have said, if I stop writing in Spanish is because I think globality has been the stronghold of Internet and the basis of its development, so we should mantain it when possible (observe that I don’t use the word “always”).
More: an important percentage of English written data comes from support forums: there is not really more data coming from third sources than data coming from primary sources.
And the third reason leads me to the second big subtopic of this post: the approach change of the blog.

Yes, I will keep on talking about informatics, but not in the same way I have been doing until now. At least not always.
Something that has always fascinated me is the explanation of stuff behaviour and, by what I perceive, Internet is plenty of how-to explanations, but not of the why-to ones. Most of this good documentation mentioned above belongs to the first group, and the good documentation that belongs to the second one, neither is abundant, nor easy to find. Therefore, although my blog is written in English, I will try to not make it to be just one more of the Net, it is to say, another set of how-to’s. I would like to provide something more, something new.

Most probably I won’t receive so many visits, because living in a period where most of IT practitioners need to produce at a frenzied pace, Google is used more for searching how-to’s rather than why-to’s (and it is logical), so I will be happy if persons who come here can really enjoy of the reading of this site.

Finally, I want to greet from now all the future followers of this blog and to thank you just for your visit! I hope you enjoy of it as much as I do writing here. 🙂